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The Martin Clinic was founded in 1911 By David Martin. He began his practice in the small mining community of Timmins, Ontario. Today, The Martin Clinic is a full fledged Wellness Clinic that offers the highest in complementary medicine. Over the years we have developed highly specialized bio-marker testing that allows us to completely individualize our care. We have treated tens of thousands of people using our unique protocols with enormous success.

Our services include nutritional counseling, bio-marker testing, weight loss programs, Chiropractic, sport injuries, laser therapy and our own brand of specially formulated supplements.

The Martin Clinic employs highly skilled and motivated individuals specializing in providing natural health services and treatments.




Dr. A. W. MartinDr. A. W. Martin
Clinical Nutrition

Dr. A. W. Martin DC, Ph.D, RNCP, D.N.M. is certified by the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners. He is the author of several books including his best sellers “Medical Crisis – Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Share With You”, and “Serial Killers, Two Hormones That Want You Dead”. He is the host of “Ask the Doctor” on CJTK in Sudbury and is recognized as one of the leading teachers on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and environmental toxins.


Dr. Tony MartinDr. Tony Martin

A bilingual Doctor of Chiropractic and co-author of several books including "Joint-Zyme, The Future of Natural Therapy", and “Serial Killers, Two Hormones That Want You Dead”. A highly-experienced chiropractor, Dr. Martin is a Clinic Director and proud to carry on the tradition of the Martin Clinic. Furthermore, Dr. Martin has been involved in recreational and competitive sports for many years and still actively involved in various minor hockey associations.

Anyone who has been treated by him knows that his approach is unlike any other chiropractor. He is a “hands on” doctor who isn’t afraid to get at the cause of the injury. He has years of experience with knee and shoulder injuries. From your very first treatment you will feel the difference that his approach can make.

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